29 feb. 2012

Rebajas: "0&1" (2x1)

Clicks. Cuts. Sintes. Sonidos no orgánicos. Sonidos nacidos con 0 y 1. 

"0&1", nueva serie de recopilatorios permanentes repleto de electrónica. Con oferta de lanzamiento: 2x1

Radio People - anthem
Lali Puna - common ground
The Juan Maclean - deviant device
James Blake & Bon Iver - fall creek boys choir
Swarms - flikr of ur eyes
Teen Daze - june 2010
Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx - nightcall
Dj Shadow - redeemed
Selva Oscura - sea crown
The Sight Below - shika-1.2
Walls - sunporch
Mist - twin lanes
Djao - underbrush
Anika - no one's there (Ratman dub edit bonus track)
Massive Attack & Burial - four walls


Weird Tapes - the heavens
Hidrogenesse - vuelve conmigo a Italia
bRUNA - forgiveness
To Rococo Rot feat. I-Sound - from dream to daylight
Gonjasufi - the lows
Orbital - never
Giong Lim - a pure person
Dntel - anywhere anyone (pearson sound beatless reduction)
Gudrun Gut & Blixa Bargeld - die sonne (original version)
Soulwax - e talking
Four Tet - love cry
Anti - copyright of the heart
Glass Candy - warm in the winter
Modeselektor feat. Thom Yorke - shipwreck
The Rapture - how deep is your love (emperor machine extended play dub)

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