26 sept. 2011


Exterior. Noche. Ambiente urbano. Imágenes entrecortadas. Voces fantasmas con ritmo en su interior. Movimiento casi minimalista. Dubstep. "URBAN.SOUNDTRACK.MIDNIGHT (VOLUME 1)".


Zomby - natalia's song
FaltyDL - regret
Kryptic Minds - 1000 lost cities
The Bug feat. Ricky Ranking - flying
Burial - street halo
Cloud Boat - lions on the beach
Synkro - look at yourself
Todd Edwards - I might be (Joy Orbison remix)
Pale Sketcher - resonanz therapie musik (origial mix)
Darkstar - deadness
Phon.O - abaw 723
Actress - lost
Pantha du Prince - welt am draht (Animal Collective version)
Caribou - sun (Altrice's 'only what you gave me' remix)

Enjoy it!


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